Football and girls soccer teams hang State Championship banners in Haben


Morgan Williams

Today, a banner commemorating the 2016 championship victory hangs in the Haben Center.

Jack Hendrickson, Staff Writer

The State Championship banner for BSM’s football team was recently lifted into the rafters of the Haben Center at halftime during a boys basketball game. While this was a monumental moment in BSM’s history being the first State Championship win for the football team ever, the girl’s soccer team also added another the State Championship banner to their collection.

The basketball team played Robbinsdale Cooper that night, and all BSM students were encouraged to come to the game and see the banner lifted. Some of the basketball players also played on the football team, so they were recognized for two sports in one night. Senior starting point guard Will Whitmore was also the starting quarterback on the football team this fall. “Seeing that banner going up just represented all the hard work we put in and it felt nice seeing that payoff,” Whitmore said.  

The experience was unique for Whitmore because he was able to celebrate football while playing basketball. “It was kind of weird, but at halftime, the banner raising felt like a totally different thing. During the game, we were locked in, but then, when the banner was raised, we were just able to rejoice,” Whitmore said.

The comradely was tangible on the football team this year.“I just want to thank the coaches and all the boys on the team, coaches for pushing us every day in practice, and just a good group of guys to share the moment with,” Whitmore said.  

Senior football player Alex Houlihan was also in attendance for the basketball game and banner raising. “It was exhilarating seeing all the hard work the boys did pay off. I also want to thank the coaches for everything they did for us along the way,” Houlihan said.  

Another state championship banner was raised in the Haben Center for the girl’s soccer team. It was their fourth state championship in the last five years. “It was cool to see it go up because of all the hard work we put in to get that state championship. It was an awesome experience that I was able to experience with some great teammates and coaches,” senior Taylor Lowenberg said.