Visiting a cappella group raises funds for BSM choir department

The Cat’s Pajamas cross genres throughout their setlist to appeal to different musical tastes.

Maria Van Hove, Staff Writer

The Red Knotes performed with the five-man vocal band The Cat’s Pajamas at BSM’s Hamburge Theater on Thursday, February 9, and the hype surrounding the event was apparent among the BSM choir students.

The idea of the concert came from choir teacher Mr. Adam Petroski, who is working to improve BSM’s a cappella program. The Red Knotes, who have received regional recognition for their talent, also competed at the ICHSA competition this past weekend in Port Washington, Wisconsin. The Cat’s Pajamas performed their entire set after BSM’s very own beloved choirs and a cappella groups. “[A Cappella is a] high energy type of music that just brings people together,” senior choir member Joel Ehlen said.

With this performance, the BSM choirs treated it like a run-through before the ICHSA competition. They sang three songs: “Shut Up and Dance,” “Butterfly,” and “Not Over You.” Senior choir member Matt Nyberg, part of BSM’s choir and the Red Knotes, was convinced that there will be a big turnout. “It should be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to make money for the choir department,” Nyberg said.

Choir isn’t just an extracurricular; it’s a group of tightly knit students who develop more skills than just singing. “It is where you learn life lessons such as public speaking skills and being able to control your nerves in front of a lot of people. It’s here we learn to become leaders for the future,” senior choir member Carson Knoer said.

The choir students also develop friends from all different grades that are inseparable. “We’re all really great friends. There is not one person who doesn’t get along. We can all just laugh. It’s so much fun,” junior choir member Claire Shinners said.

The goal of this show was to draw more attention to the choir department and give them the audience they deserve. “This concert is perfect because it brings a new sense of focus to the choir department. It brings us to a new stage with more structure,” Knoer said.