BSM welcomes first a cappella group the Red Knotes


Ginny Lyons

Soprano and alto singers of the Red Knotes rehearse before school with directors Nancy Stockhaus and Adam Petroski. The Red Knotes will be going on a retreat in November to get to know each other better and work better as a choir.

Mary Youngblut, Staff Writer

BSM’s first competitive a cappella singing group has arrived. The Red Knotes are a group of talented BSM students who sing a capella to a variety of different pop songs. The Red Knotes began this year and consists of 18 students who auditioned last spring and started practice at the beginning of the school year.

This new club allows students to express themselves in a different way and really get to use their voices. In an a cappella piece, every voice matters to hold together the song, not just the one with a solo. This makes it different from choir where students are either soloists or just singers in the background. “We are a group of really dedicated kids that really like to sing and we’re qualified to be in the Red Knotes. We actually like singing and we are interested in discovering different music pieces and just have fun,” senior Samuel Luo said.

I love the spirit and the energy that [the Red Knotes] brings me and the whole student body, we are doing something we are actually fond of

— Samuel Luo

The “Pitch Perfect” movie series has influenced many teens to try a cappella, and this shift in interest caused BSM to end it’s pop choir, which had a similar musical style, but often with instrumental accompaniment. “I loved pop choir and this is a nice change,” junior and captain Maddie Schafer said.

The Red Knotes generally perform pop music. In the past they have sang “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall and they are planning to do a Coldplay medley in the future. “My favorite song we sang, and we just finished working on, is called Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’ This song is really uplifting and it is really fun to do,” Luo said.

This year is already looking promising for these students. “We plan to do the national anthem for a third of the home games at Benilde,” Luo said. 

Not only do the Red Knotes sing the national anthem at BSM sports games, but they are also getting ready for some competitions. “We are looking forward to ICHSA, the International Competition of High School A Cappella,” choir teacher and director Adam Petroski for the Red Knotes said.

The group is also not a huge commitment, so the students involved can be a part of more activities. “We practice two times a week at 7:15 a.m. every Wednesday and Thursday.” Schafer said.

These students are very delighted by the start of this activity and are looking towards the future with excitement and pride. The Red Knotes are already set up to be a great success and a lot of fun for everyone involved. Even with the hopes of success and accomplishment, the best part is just being with each other. “I love the spirit and the energy that [the Red Knotes] brings me and the whole student body. We are doing something we are actually fond of,” Luo said.