Mock trial team going to regionals

In a team effort to compete well at regionals, the BSM mock trial team is coming together to succeed.


Sam Luo

As the mock trial team enters their last competition before regionals, they prepare hard and long in practices to maximize performance.

Sam Luo, Staff Writer

After the success of the third round of regional competitions, BSM Mock Trial varsity team will be heading towards fourth round this Thursday, competing with Apple Valley high school, trying to earn a position as one of the top six schools in the region.

Just four weeks ago, the team took home third place in the Apple Valley High School Minneapple Invitational Tournament. Apple Valley High School’s mock trial team is not only massive, but the team also consists of a well-trained group of debaters. Last year they advanced to the fifth round by exceeding the BSM team by one point. Advisor Mary Murray showed confidence in beating them this year. “We looked at the statistics for the other team, and even though their rank is higher than us, one team they went up against was a middle school team. If we would’ve gone against them earlier, it would have put our rank above theirs,” Advisor Mary Murray said.

In order to be ready for this heated competition, coach Murray has a well-prepared training plan for the week. “We’ve been working really hard to get better with our objections and how to respond to them, and we have great themes on both sides of the case,” Murray said.

For each competition, one of two sides, either plaintiff or defense side will be debating on the same topic, and this year’s case is classified as a Civil Case. “An eighteen-year-old high school student is suing the school district, specifically the principal for unfairly punishing her for speaking out on behalf of the students,” Captain Ben Larson explained.

In the fourth round, Larson will lead the plaintiff side to compete after weeks of extensive practices. “We prepare a lot. We practice four to five hours a week and do a little extra stuff on our own…It’s a lot of work, but it pays off.” Larson said.

Unlike other MSHSL sports and competitive activities, instead of sub-section and section competitions, the league divides the schools into ten regions for Mock Trial competitions. There are two super-regions in the state that consist of more schools than any others; these competitive regions are regions eight and ten, BSM competes with these teams. “If we win, then it will go down to top six schools in the region and after round five, hopefully, we will make it to state,” Murray said.

Captain Larson also shows confidence and explained that the success of the team needs everyone’s effort and contribution. Although the teams compete one at a time, it’s the cumulative points that determine the fate of the team. “I’m really proud of my team. It’s amazing to move on. Everyone has been pulling their way. For everyone to succeed, each person needs to succeed,” Larson said.