Five essentials to survive the rest of the school year


Morgan Williams

Senior Annie Paulison, uses all five items and has mostly survived her years at BSM.

Annie Paulison, Staff Writer

It is no secret that we all have our own little things we do to get us through the school day. What many don’t realize is that under the surface of even the most intelligent students, there is a collection of positive habits and mindsets that make that person so successful in class. This accumulation of our many habits combined produces high-level academic performance. By utilizing the following 5 essential items listed below, you will have an easier time surviving this 2016-17 school year.

1. Drink coffee

Trouble waking up? I cannot stress enough how important starting your day off with a warm, awakening beverage is. Coffee not only helps those students who don’t get enough sleep each night to feel refreshed, but it acts as a mild stimulant and hones their mental alertness.

2. Chew gum

While I most definitely do not advocate for loud chomping or distracting bubbles made in class, I am a strong believer that gum does in fact improve mental performance. Chewing gum not only improves concentration and memory, but it combats stress and anxiety students often face throughout the school day. There are physical benefits as well: protects teeth, reduces acid reflux and heartburn, improves breath, improves eating habits. All the more reason to pop in a piece of gum each school day.

3. Wear a watch

Yes, watches do in fact makes students, faculty, and, staff look more sophisticated, but there is more to them. Wearing a watch will improve your sense of awareness as you no longer have to worry about looking up to the nearest clock every few seconds but can instead focus on your work. By having a watch, you are able to time and challenge yourself to finish tasks, homework, tests, etc. by a certain time. By wearing a watch, you no longer need to rush to your next class but can take that extra minute at your locker to grab your books, organize yourself, and take a nice, deep breath.

4. Backup supplies

We all have those days we’re sitting in class wishing we had a certain item we forgot to bring with us. Maybe you forgot your pencil that day or your calculator or even your planner. We were given laptop cases for a reason. Yes, we’d rather they don’t weigh a million pounds, but knowing how to utilize that extra space properly is key to high school survival. Avoid the hassle of running back and forth from locker to classroom by simply putting the following backup supplies in your laptop case. The list of essentials include: a calculator, flash drive, highlighters/pens/pencils, and mini planner. By carrying these extra things, you will never have to worry about taking that tardy to run to your locker, being unable to take notes, not remembering what homework you have that night, etc.

Bring Snacks

As the end of the semester approaches, students tend to get stressed and overwhelmed by finals. I’m sure you can relate. Stress eating is a phenomenon that affects even the best of us. You eat because you’re stressed and then you’re stressed because you eat. Rather than justifying your eating habits and later letting that regret sink in, keep a healthy snack or two on you throughout the day. Whether you store them in your locker or your laptop case is up to you, but by having these snacks, your hunger will be satisfied and your stress alleviated. You will be able to focus on your studying instead of wondering what desserts are in Taher that day. These snacks are a major key to success for the weeks prior and week of finals. Some snack ideas are as followed: trail mix, bagged veggies or fruit, granola bars, string cheese, kale chips, the list is endless. Find what works for you and watch your scores improve!