Spotify studying playlists every student should hear

Music has been linked to higher efficiency in students, and with finals coming up, a well constructed playlist will motivate you to hunker down and study, especially over a slightly shortened Christmas break. These free Spotify playlists feature a variety of musical styles to drown out any distractions.


Lauren Beh

Studying can be difficult, but with the help of these playlists it can transform the experience completely.

Kasey Desmond, Print Editor-in-Chief

1. Acoustic Christmas

Just because you’re stuck studying doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Christmas spirit. Play this playlist of the acoustic versions of classic Christmas tunes on a low volume to bring some jolly to your study sesh. Try adding a peppermint hot chocolate or some gingerbread cookies to your homework routine to get extra festive.

2. This is: Yule Log

Eight hours by the cozy crackling of a wood fireplace will draw your attention away from the the snow and all the fun you could be having outside. You won’t even want to stop studying as this playlist will convince you that you’re curled up by a fireplace when, in reality, you’re trying to reteach yourself the science concepts you learned in August.

3. Intense Studying

This playlist is one of the longest clocking in at over 13 hours and holding 100 songs, so it’s great for the nights when you’re expecting to burn the midnight oil. Intense studying compiles classical music masterpieces spanning centuries. The piano and strings of some of history’s finest composers from Beethoven to Bach to Glass will envelop you to create a truly intense studying experience.

4. Atmospheric Calm

Imagine a spa, but at Coachella. Atmospheric Calm is perfect for an EDM loving student who needs to focus more on a group project than on the beats they’re bumping. This mellow playlist that could soothe even the harshest of vibes features up and coming electronic artists like Tycho, Emancipator, and Glowworm.

5. Pure Mellow Jazz

Escape to a simpler time when a jaunty piano or a smooth sax could carry you away from any distraction. Spotify’s Pure Mellow Jazz playlist provides two hours and eight minutes of sweet sounds to calm even the most stressed of students. If you’re looking for a more modern twist on grandpa’s record collection, check out Jazz Vibes, a playlist of jazz/hip-hop hybrids sure to give your study session the tranquil ambience of a nice hotel elevator.

You won’t even want to stop studying as this playlist will convince you you’re curled up by a fireplace instead of trying to reteach yourself the science concepts you learned in August.

— Kasey Desmond

6. Entre Los Andes

Spotify advertises: “Concentrate con el aire de la cordillera de los Andes,” or concentrate with the mountain air of the Andes. Get inspired for your Spanish vocab quizlet or imagine yourself flying over South America, thousands of miles away from the snap streaks you’re tempted to check with this playlist of two-and-a-half hour instrumental playlist inspired by the Andes and performed in Spanish by Latin-American artists.

7. Instrumental Beat Recipes

This compilation of instrumental hip-hop beats will help you access your creative side. Spotify markets this playlist as a soundtrack for cooking, but the rhythmic beats and rich vocals will lull you into a hyper-focused study haze.

8. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

You couldn’t find a seat at Spyhouse? Caribou is closed? Take the coffee shop vibes home with you by settling into an extra comfy chair and shuffling this mellow mix. With over two million followers, there’s sure to be something for everyone on this playlist that features big names like Niall Horan, Jack Johnson, and Mike Posner alongside up and coming artists like Bruno Merz.

9. Yoga and Meditation

Find your center and breath deeply. With headphones in and the door closed, this Spotify UK playlist will inspire some truly tranquil studying. Clocking in at over four hours, settle in for a long study session when you click play, but feel free to take a break to practice your downward dog or tree pose. Namaste. Learn more about the benefits of yoga for students.

10. Take it Easy

Melt stress away through this six hour long collection of laid-back folk and Americana tunes. Lose yourself in your study guides as the tambourines and harmonicas get your feet tapping. If you’re looking for some electric influence on your indie music experience, check out Indie Folk for Focus, which will help you get into the zone, acoustically.

11. Video Game Buster

Any Minecraft or GTA fan can tell you that time melts away with a video game soundtrack playing through your headphones. Let the tracks of some of the most popular video games take your focus to the next level. The 27 song playlist can be shuffled, but only clocks in at an hour and a half. If you know you’ll need more time to get all your assignments done, pick one song that particularly gets you in the zone and play it on repeat for the most meditative effect.