Fall activities that every Red Knight should try

Whether it’s wandering through a bone-chilling haunted house or curling up in a blanket while sipping on hot cinnamon tea, everyone has their favorite fall activity.


Ginny Lyons

Fall marks the opening of many seasonal destinations, such as the Victoria Valley Orchard.

Alexia Saavedra , Staff Writer

Apple Orchards

An apple orchard offers a variety of delicious apples and the biggest, roundest pumpkins all in one place. It is the perfect opportunity to eat a fall friendly fruit, look at colorful trees, and start looking ahead to Halloween by picking a pumpkin. Apple Orchards are rare in the city, which is why they’re the best.  It’s also family friendly, but a great activity to do with friends as well. Apple Jack Orchards in Delano, Minnesota and Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings, Minnesota are just some of the many orchards Minnesota has to offer.

Pumpkin Spice Everything

When fall comes around, one of the most popular flavors in food as well as scent in candles and air fresheners is pumpkin spice. Starbucks and Caribou Coffee really go into business when selling a crucial fall drink—pumpkin spice lattes. It doesn’t end at lattes, though. The flavor has spread to many food businesses, and has been incorporated into tea, bread, ice cream, etc. However, the aroma of pumpkin spice is enough to also turn it into a candle as well as other air/car fresheners. Pumpkin spice is extremely popular during fall due to the fact that the flavor fits throughout all three months because pumpkin pie is in season for all of the winter holidays.

Running Outside

Fall provides the perfect running climate for runners with its crisp air making it easier to breathe while getting a workout in. The landscape is also picturesque, with all of the trees in the midst of changing colors, and colorful leaves scattered around the sidewalk or trail as one runs.

Haunted Houses

This is a top fall activity because it gets everyone ready for Halloween. It’s  a great activity for all ages because no one can resist a little thrill in their life. It’s fun walking around each corner, not knowing whether there will be an evil clown or a butcher with a chainsaw staring at you. However, not seeing anything at all is even scarier because you never know when someone or something is going to pop out. They’re thrilling and only available in the month of October, which is why they’re so popular. They all will bring terror, whether it’s a trip to ValleyScare to walk through the scariest mazes, or the Dead End Hayride which takes a group on a haunted hayride, before dropping them off at the gates of a haunted asylum.