Students reflect on yearly Scripture theme


Photo courtesy of BSM

This year’s scripture theme, “Let Love Be Sincere,” encourages students to live out their faith. Magnets such as these were placed on every student’s locker at the beginning of the year.

Sarah Persons, Staff Writer

Many BSM students have noticed one specific poster that has been placed in each classroom containing the Scripture theme for the year: “Let Love be Sincere.” Recently, deans Mrs. Mary Andersen and Mr. Seborn Yancy took time to visit each religion class to discuss the scripture theme.

One reason the deans discussed the theme with each class was to introduce Mr. Yancy the students. “Mr. Yancy is new this year and so we’re spending lots of time showing him different ways deans have impact at this school,” Andersen said.

Religion classes offered an ideal opportunity to see how students are receiving the scripture theme. “We realized that we put the Scripture theme out there and the only place you hear about it is in your religion classes, and I think that [Mr. Yancy] and I are in a unique position to be able to see how students apply it everyday and it’s really been an impactful Scripture theme this year,” Andersen said.  

Although the Scripture theme may seem deceptively simple, it can be applied to many different aspects of life. “Something that seems so simple as ‘Let Love Be Sincere’ is something not worth losing sight of because it’s so easy to see how it takes application in a school day,” Andersen said.

The visits to the religion classrooms also allowed the deans to assess how BSM students are doing this year.  “It was kind of just to check in on everybody and acknowledge that the year is going well and there is always room for improvement,” Andersen said.