Shay Wyley becomes temporary President after Dr. Gyolai’s resignation


Katie Ercolani

BSM’s beloved former President Dr. Kevin Gyolai packed up his belongings preparing the office space for BSM’s new President Shay Wyley.

Leo Driessen and Kate Janda

After two years of solving problems that matter, Dr. Kevin Gyolai resigned this past summer from his position as President of BSM for personal reasons. Faculty, staff, and parents alike became aware of Gyolai’s resignation in an email sent from Chair Archie Black of BSM’s Board of Directors. “When we learned that Dr. Gyolai would be resigning, the Board’s Executive Committee worked on a transition plan that also was approved by the larger Board,” Mr. Black said.

When the time came to introduce a new President, the Board had to look no further than within their own walls. “There was a consensus that the optimal transition would include having an experienced leader step in as President… We were fortunate that there are many talented people on BSM’s Board, all of whom are committed to the school’s mission. President Shay Wyley was identified, and the Board is extremely grateful for his willingness to devote his talents to BSM in this way,“ Mr. Black said.

While BSM gives a Red Knight welcome to President Wyley, the former strategic planner and Vice President of the Board, it remains unknown whether Wyley’s term will last through the year. “What he’s doing for us right now is providing leadership for us at the Presidential level, and part of his responsibilities include creating a long-term transition plan. So, that will evolve over the next few weeks and months,” high school Principal Susan Skinner said.

The situation evolves every day, and the Board will be working hard over the oncoming weeks to figure out a solution. “I expect that the Board will be sharing further details regarding the longer term plan for the presidential transition in the next month or so. The Board has an annual retreat in mid-September, at which this will be one of the key topics and consensus on some of the more forward-looking questions will begin to be gained,” Black said.

Although the BSM community will miss Dr. Gyolai, the school bids him a fond farewell and continues to stay focused on upholding its high academic standards. “I think the students and the faculty/staff are in the best position to describe the impact that Dr. Gyolai had during his time at BSM,” Black said. “For our part, the Board believes the school continues to impress with its ability to offer a student educational experience that is based in 21st century skills, rooted in servant leadership, and offered from a communal foundation.”