Sizes May Vary

An inside scoop on what it’s like to be over six feet tall in side the walls of BSM

He's real tall.
He’s real tall. (photo by Keenan Schember)

Much like the trees in the forest, the skyscrapers in the city, and the giraffes at the zoo, there are students at Benilde-St. Margaret who are known for their magnificent height. These gentle gargantuan giants can be found around the school, and are incredibly easy to find––especially when roaming the hallways. There is one question on the minds of students of lesser vertical stature: what does such a large life entail? The answer to this question must be handed to us by these towering teens––mainly because we cannot reach as high as them.

These exquisitely elongated students are found all over the school, and it is difficult to find an individual who is unaware of who these teens are. Often times, having a tall companion can actually be quite useful to the students of BSM. “If I ever want to know what the weather will be like in 20 minutes, I can just ask them, or if I need something off the top shelf, I’ll call them up and have them come over,” average height student, Stephanie Roberts, said.

Although they do seem to have sizable lives, these modern-day Paul Bunyans do have their own daily struggles. Simply walking from place to place, they aren’t safe from the perils of low ceilings and small door frames. “I’ll hit my head on the doorways sometimes. At my house, I’ll hit my head on the doorways and bump my head on the ceiling,” 6’ 6” junior Malachi “Tree” Johnson said.

When driving from place to place, they cannot escape the fact that it is extremely difficult for them to fit in small spaces. “A lot of times when I’m sitting in cars, I’ll have to back the seat up a lot,” 6’ 4’’ junior Eric “Big-E” Wilson said.

Don’t even get them started on clothing. Finding adequate apparel is a difficult task for lads and lasses with excessive length. “Let me tell you, it’s really difficult to find clothes that actually fit. I have a solid two pairs of jeans that fit, so I have to run loads of laundry all the time,” 6’ 4’’ junior Teagan “Your Highness” Wolf said.

To top it all off, they aren’t even able to bask in their tall glory whenever they see fit, seeing that mirrors barely ever meet the standards these students’ heights set. “You don’t fit in mirrors ever. You really don’t,” 6’ 5.5’’ sophomore Carter “Giraffe” Uphus said.

Although there are many struggles that go along with being tremendously tall, there are also many advantages as well. Due to their excessive height, certain hallway-related activities come easy to them, such as going through masses of people, finding their friends in the horde, and not feeling overwhelmed within overcrowded hallways. “I find it really easy to breathe in crowds,” 6 4’’ junior Matthew “That One Tall Kid” Nyberg said.

Although they are often given grief and reminded how tall they really are, these students are proud of their height and who they are; they wouldn’t change a thing about themselves. “As terrible as it is to find clothes and to hit your head on things everyday, I like being tall,” Wolf said.