PDA Then and Now


Curtesy of Knight Errant

1996 Knight Errant article argues that PDA should be seen in the BSM hallways.

Public display of affection or “PDA” is viewed differently through the years. In some years it was normal to see people making out while walking through the hallways. In recent years if students pass kids even holding hands they would likely scream in disgust. In a 1996 Knight Errant publication, one BSM student, Cindy Tholen believed that there should have been more PDA at BSM. “I’m commenting on the irritating lack of PDA within the walls of our school,” Tholen said.

Unlike BSM in 1996, PDA today in our school is generally frowned upon. People rarely see kids in the hallways displaying any type of affection during passing periods (thank the Lord). I believe that the decrease of PDA is due to the community view that it is unnecessary during school. Students should be focused on getting successful grades and bonding with their peers rather than focusing on their significant other.

Another aspect Tholen mentioned was that PDA allows students to express their individuality. However, I do not agree that it is a way of expressing oneself. There are many alternative ways to accomplish the same goal such as wearing unique clothing and joining certain activities instead of making out right on top of your neighbor’s locker.

Eddie Wolfe ’24 and Marah Cashman ’24 seen in the BSM hallways as a non PDA couple. (Maddie Kaltsas)

There are also many other ways to connect with your partner during the day that do not involve PDA. They can engage in conversation with one another, walk with each other to class, or even spend a free hour together all without making other students uncomfortable. That way the couple can save their affection for each other after school hours and still get to politely be around each other during the day. This is a positive for couples as people will see them as respectful rather than judging them for their unnecessary PDA.

PDA in the BSM hallways is unlikely to be seen. Although sometimes they defy societal norms to “express their love” as Tholen would say. I believe that public display of affection is not needed during school hours or really anytime in a public setting.