Knightlife restructures for organization and accountability


Elle Ryan

Knightlife President and BSM senior Anna von Kampen looks forward to the year ahead for Knightlife.

With the new school year in full force, Knightlife is ready to begin a year of fun projects and activities. Knightlife is a club that promotes a chemical-free lifestyle among the student body. All members are required to sign a contract at the beginning of the year pledging to stay chemical free. If a member breaks this contract, they face immediate expulsion from the group.

During the school year, Knightlife organizes several projects to promote remaining chemical free. In February, the club advertises Chemical Awareness Week by hanging up posters around the school and handing out armbands to students. Besides doing projects, Knightlife also organizes activities such as going to Skyzone or Twins games. “Our main goal is to teach students how to stay away from chemical use while being able to have fun at the same time,” Anna von Kampen, senior and president of Knightlife, said.

In recent years, Knightlife has struggled with organization and accountability. “Since there were around 120 students in the club last year, our biggest problems were getting an attendance plan organized and also keeping track of who broke their contract,” von Kampen said.

This year, to fix the attendance problem, Knightlife plans to implement a new and organized system at their meetings. “When we meet in the theater, everyone will get into a row and that will be their group. It will be efficient for attendance and it can be done in an organized manner,” von Kampen said. 

Any use of chemicals will not be tolerated.”

— Anna von Kampen

Regarding the contract issue, Knightlife plans to put emphasis on reporting suspicious behavior. “We will be clear to all members to report if they see anyone in the club using chemicals. Any use of chemicals will not be tolerated,” von Kampen said.

With the new changes in effect, Knightlife is ready for the year ahead of them. “We are really excited for all of our activities we have planned. It’s going to be a fun year and we cannot wait to see what will happen,” von Kampen said.