Knightlife club holds annual snow football event

Freshmen gathered on the sidelines to watch.

Josie Ross, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 23, the annual Snow Football Tournament was held in the Football Stadium. This yearly tournament was hosted by the Knightlife leaders and administrators.

Knightlife hosts many events during the school year, such as a trip to Skyzone and Scream Town, but the Snow Football Tournament is the most attended event of the year.

The tournament is such a well-attended event because of its accessibility. The leaders allow people that are members of the club and people who are not members to join the festivities. This exception allows students to form their perfect teams.

The event is also so popular because of the grand prize. The members of the winning team were awarded Chipotle gift cards. This incentive attracts the entire student body. “It was a great way to interact with other grades; it was fun,” said junior Peter McCague.

Movies were played throughout the entire night, however, if the competitors needed some warmth from the cold. The leaders of the club also provided food for everyone who attended. Several varieties of pizza, cookies, and drinks were available.

Knightlife, as a club, tries to provide activities to help high school students stay away from illegal substances. With this annual Snow Football Tournament, the club is fulfilling its mission. By using incentives, like Chipotle gift cards, a fun night with friends, and free snacks, Knightlife is reaching the highest attendance as well as meeting all of its goals.