Claire Shea adapts to new role as junior high principal


Keenan Schember

Ms. Claire Shea is excited to start her new position as the interim junior high principal.

Emma Bird, News Editor

In the spring of last year, Dr. Carol McNamara announced she would be retiring from her role as BSM Junior High principal. In the interim, high school religion teacher Ms. Claire Shea will take her place for the 2015-2016 school year.

As Shea makes the transition into her new role, the biggest challenge she has faced thus far is attempting to understand what to anticipate. “I don’t really know what to expect. The biggest challenge has been envisioning people walking the halls and having students in desks,” Shea said.

One reason for Shea’s excitement is her passion for junior high students. “I like their excitement, and their passion for wanting to try new things. They’re not concerned with other people’s perceptions; they’re very courageous in that way,” Shea said.

Her passion will be welcomed in the BSM junior high, where Shea believes that the students have the ability to become a part of the BSM community. “The junior high really focuses on looking out for the student and the whole body experience of a student. Because it is a smaller part of the school, we really have that personal connection with students,” Shea said.