15 things the BSM Class of 2015 will miss most

Margaux Brink, Health Editor

Seniors: you are probably enjoying your last few moments as a Red Knight and wish college move in day would come sooner. I am here to tell you that not everyone will miss BSM the same way or as much as others, but I can guarantee you will look back and yearn for the little things. For the Class of 2015, here are the 15 things that made BSM special and will be hard to leave behind.

1. Football games: Although football is not as big in Minnesota as it is in other parts of the country, the Red Knights love to support the boys under the Friday night lights. Whether it is dressing up in Hawaiian gear in thirty-degree weather, or creating a sea of red, BSM fans never fail to support their fellow Red Knights. You will forever have “and the home of the Red Knights” playing in your head as you listen to the national anthem.

2. The sports:  For a school that celebrates some of the best academics in the state, it is incredible that we possess some of the best sporting programs too. Every year, at least one sport or activity earns a State Championship Title.

3. Seeing BSM stickers: Whether you are driving through downtown Wayzata or on a road trip to Wisconsin, you can be guaranteed to see at least one BSM car sticker. This doesn’t mean that BSM is stalking you; rather, the BSM spirit is everywhere.

4. Homecoming week: Although you may have once or even twice thought that the dress up days were stupid, you will miss being able to wear cowboy boots or a toga to school—not together of course. You may have complained about being locked in for each dance like a prison, but you will look back and appreciate the amount of time you were able to spend with your classmates. Despite the sometimes drama, these nights created memories to last a lifetime.

5. Taher cookies: You may have consumed so many Taher cookies that you are sick of them, but after leaving BSM the one item from Taher you will crave are the gooey and delicious fresh-baked cookies. Lets face it, you may find scrumptious cookies in college, but no other cookies will satisfy your taste buds like the Taher cookies at BSM.

6. The sense of community: Flash back to freshman year when tragedy struck our school and our sophomore student became paralyzed from Minnesota’s most loved game. Despite the sadness and hardship that surrounded our community, we came together as one to support one another. Not only did we unite together, but we also began to pray together as we realized how precious life can be. You can guarantee that this will be one of the tightest knit communities you have the opportunity to be a part of.

7. Mr. Jay: Every organization, business, or corporation has one person who seems to hold the community all together and is the heart—which, for us, is Mr. Jeremiah. This man not only dedicates his entire life to making BSM better, but has also created a community in which we rely on each other for support and love. Devoted, kind, strong, and full of heart, Mr. J surely is to be missed next year as you step into the (almost) real world.

8. Christmas mass: On the Friday before Christmas break, there seems to always be a magical spirit in the air—everyone is happy and ready to celebrate together. Possibly one of BSM’s best traditions, ugly sweater day not only is fun, but also is an excuse for you to wear the silliest 80’s holiday attire you can find. Especially for the seniors, our caroling circle at the end represents our class in unity, showing that we are truly a family.

9. Locker buddies: Between classes when you are busy shoving your books into your locker and your locker neighbor continues to nudge you out of your space, you secretly enjoy this bonding time with your buddy. After four years of spending each day next to the same two people, you will miss saying hi to them or complaining about your classes. You got to know them so well by just spending a couple minutes with them a day and will miss fending them off for more space.

10. Knowing people by name: Our school may be small, so there is something extra special about being able to name each student you pass in the hallway by first name. Although sometimes difficult, being part of a school which everyone in your grade seemed to know everything about you had benefits besides mass rumors. BSM students are able to all be a somebody and be an important part of the community.

11. Online School Days: While public schools enjoyed their snow days watching Netflix and napping, we received the pleasure of continuing our schooling on our days off through the BSM Online Academy of Haiku. Although this was not appreciated at the time, these online days furthered your education and created a good laugh to look back on in the future.

12. Nzamuranza: For many students, Mass days are a chance to dress to impress, as well as a trial of patience. Avoiding falling asleep is key but a hard task for many. To contrast with this, when the song Zahmuranzah begins to play, the student body becomes alive and joins as one to enjoy clapping off-beat and singing (more like screaming). Whether you realize it or not, we all were worshiping as one, and all coming together to celebrate.

13. Everything red and white: Ever since you started to attend BSM, you can’t help but desire to purchase every white or red clothing item you see. For some, your school colors may remain red and white, but for others, we will struggle to find a new wardrobe as we attempt to let go of our red and white pride that we will forever hold a soft spot for in our hearts.

14. Passing Time: Although many students become frustrated while attempting to shove their way through the main hallway traffic jam, each passing time has been a break in your day to reenergize on food or socialize. Five minutes may not seem like enough time for most students, but we take those minutes for granted. Food for thought: these are some of the last moments in which these students will all be together.

15. Faculty and Staff: Due to small class sizes of around 25 students, you have gotten a chance to know your teachers on a deeper level. Not only have they taught you valuable lessons in the classroom, but you will forever be able to remember the special life lessons they have given you along the way. Between the friendly smiles from the ladies in the office to kind words from maintenance, you are sure to miss those members of the school who truly had an impact on your life.

Seniors, Class of 2015, I encourage you to cherish these last small things and live in the present as you celebrate through your final high school days. From our last class hug on the last mass to the throwing of our graduation caps after we become official alums, be proud to be a Red Knight. The Class of 2015 was a special one and will never be forgotten as we exit these doors and move on to our new paths. Once a Red Knight, always a Red Knight.