Superamerica on the other hand had an invigorating and electric atmosphere, whereas Mobil had as much electricity as BSM with a power outage. With sick jams pumping, a well lit interior, and many pedestrians passing through, Superamerica blew away the competition in this category. Both gas stations love America, as they rightfully should, but Superamerica’s clean and almost-modern interior liquidates that of Mobil.

At Superamerica, they understand how passé and degrading it is to manually exchange cash, so the gas station streamlined the process by sending the change straight out of the cash register and dispensed into a circular tray where the coins are easy to grab. Avoiding human interaction is always a plus, but when forced to converse with the cashier, he seemed a little annoyed, which is not the way to present yourself in the service industry.

Superamerica had a much larger selection than it’s rival Mobil. Superamerica had many different varieties of packaged food as well as fresh food. There was even an entire wall dedicated to the built in refrigerators, and I was overwhelmed by the options. It was a good overwhelmed, not like an APUSH overwhelmed.

The gas prices was $2.49 at both Mobil and Superamerica. The gum I purchased at Mobil was the same price as the exact same gum purchased at Superamerica. Similar prices is the one thing these rivals have in common.

However, inside Superamerica, there was a handy dandy ATM. Cigarette selection was larger at Superamerica, but that should really should be a downside for us high schoolers. Superamerica also had donuts, which makes me very biased.