The Mobil gas station at Excelsior Boulevard has seen better days; with a gloomy and unsanitary interior, the Mobil honestly felt a little shady and decrepit. The cashier and manager were intimidating large men, but it wasn’t until speaking to the employees that Mobil truly lived up to its reputation as the welcoming Americana gas station we all know and love.

Delivering excellent service to their customers is Mobil’s second priority after “the sale of gas.” When asking if we could film and review the fine establishment, we received the green light from the manager because apparently they did not mind two sophomores on a Wednesday afternoon lurking around the bathroom and food aisles. When checking out and paying for my Extra Peppermint Bubblegum, I promptly received the proper amount of change. However, the fact that the change had to be handed to me made the exchange awkward to say the least.

Mobil’s selection was spectacularly underwhelming with only a few aisles dedicated to junk food, and only a few built in refrigerators filled with beverages. Mobil carried most of the essentials, and even had its own hot dog machine. Overall, nothing special, except a few specialty meat sticks.

The gas prices was $2.49 at both Mobil and Superamerica. The gum I purchased at Mobil was the same price as the exact same gum purchased at Superamerica. Similar prices is the one thing these rivals have in common.

Mobil had a Youngsteds attached to it as well as a carwash making Mobil an easy stop for all of your vehicular needs. Mobil gas pumps had a three hose system, while Superamerica streamlined the process by only having one hose for all three types of gas.