In their last semester of high school, five seniors try out new sports

Matt Arnason, Staff Writer

The BSM golf team offers students the opportunity to receive coaching and structure in a sport that is a mix of competition and recreation, as well one that combines elements of a team sport and individuality.

Madi Mayer
Senior Mark Kaske will be joining the team this spring, along with fellow senior classmate IMG_0935Madi Mayer
Justin Winter. Kaske has previously played golf but is joining the team for the first time to be in a competitive atmosphere and to improve his skills for the summer golf season and his lifetime. “I’ve been golfing for a long time, but it’ll be a great opportunity to get out on the course and play every day,” Kaske said. “I’m really hoping to improve my game as I see golf as something I’m going to do for the rest of my life.”

One sport that commonly gains newcomers every year is the BSM track and field team. The track and field team has been a popular sport because of the fun atmosphere and solid abenewMadi Mayer
coaching staff. For the 2015 season they will gain the talents of senior Abe Fortier. Fortier came into this spring looking for a way to stay in shape, and found that track will keep him fit. “I’m playing college soccer next year, and track seemed like a fun way to stay in shape and become a better runner,” Fortier said.

Fortier plans on running the 200 meter and 400 meter races and wants to try the long jump. “I’m really excited to compete in the meets and see how I compare to other athletes,” Fortier said. “I’ve never ran track before, but I think my history in sports will help me.”

Along with the boys, several girls either make the switch from a different sport to track and IMG_0946Madi Mayer
field or join it to keep in shape for another season. This spring, senior Claire Kalb decided to exchange her softball bat for running shoes and follow in the footsteps of her aunts and uncles.“I joined track because I wanted to try something new this year,” Kalb said. “I have always been interested in track and field because many of my aunts and uncles ran or threw at BSM and broke school records.”

Kalb has already gotten into the groove of practices just two weeks into the season. “So far it is a lot of hard work, but I have never been one to turn away from a challenge,” Kalb said. “Plus I have a sophomore and freshman brother to compete against which makes it all the more fun.”

The BSM tennis team is known for a great mixture of competitiveness and recreation while not cutting anyone who has a desire to play the sport. This year, the team is gaining seniors Eddie IMG_0942McHugh and Ryan Appelhof; both are seeking to step up their game while also spending quality time on the court with their fellow teammates. “It’s a lifelong sport and a good skill to have,” Appelhof said. “I’m really excited to get outside all spring and spend time with a great group of guys.”

While they will have to compete with the rest of the veteran players for varsity spots, Appelhof and McHugh are guaranteed practice and play time in JV matches. “I’ve always loved playing tennis, and I’m hoping I can improve my skills, so I can compete in the tennis league at my cabin,” McHugh said.