7 ways to keep your Lenten promises


Marley Rozman

As BSM students received ashes on Ash Wednesday, many made Lenten Promises by fasting from something.

Mary Kate Paulison, Staff Writer

Lenten promises have been a tradition for years on end––usually ending in hopes for one to act on the changes he or she has been wishing to overcome throughout life. Unfortunately, this “promise” usually tends to fall out and become a “nice try” or “better luck next year”. In addition to these promises, people are faced with the task of giving something up.

Even if you don’t celebrate the season of Lent, this is a good opportunity to remind yourself of that New Years Resolution that you (most likely) failed to keep up.

So, whether you’re updating your resolution or making a new Lenten promise, this is supposed to be a positive challenge rather than a burden. Here are the seven best ways to get back on track:

Post-it notes: 

Let’s be real, no one goes a day without looking in the mirror. Grab a sharpie, scribble your resolution on a post-it note, and stick it to your mirror. You’ll glance at it every single morning for a daily reminder.

Tell your siblings:

 It’s a favorite hobby for siblings to nag you for anything and everything. If you tell them specifically what your resolution is, it’s guaranteed that they will push your buttons until you finally give in. Although this may result in an annoying argument, this tactic will be sure to get you back on track.

Phone Reminders:

 Now that we’ve entered into the iPhone era, most people are aware of the “reminder” and/or “clock” applications built into every iPhone. Tap into one of these to type a quick note about your resolution. Doing so can allow you to receive that annoying reminder daily, if you wish.


This one sometimes goes without saying, but your friends can “go in” on a resolution or promise as a group. This way, you can motivate each other each day to stay on track. Whether it’s a daily run or giving up sweets, you can make it a group effort to ease the pain.

Car Space:

 Put something in your car to remind you of your resolution. For example, it’s tough to stay exercise-motivated in these long winter months; keep your running shoes in the back of your car in order to be guilt tripped into a casual run every single day.

Hiding Places: 

Whether your Lenten resolution is to do more chores or to eat healthier, this is a tactic that a lot of people tend to forget about. Hide healthy snacks around your house in places you know you’ll be; this way, you won’t even be tempted to cheat.

Be Selfish: 

Maybe your resolution was to maintain a clean and organized lifestyle. Oftentimes your own bedroom is the best getaway place. You don’t want to be sitting in a room full of clutter where you can barely see the floor, do you? Do it for yourself, not your nagging mother.