Justice Club co-hosts immigration panel


Meghan Ortizcazarin

The BSM Justice Club and the Sisters of St. Joseph co-hosted a panel to discuss undocumented immigration.

Morgan Matson, Staff Writer

A rising issue in today’s society is undocumented immigration, and the BSM justice club has a passion of raising awareness for this very real issue. BSM senior and founder of the justice club, Parker Breza believes that the immigration system is broken and he is driven to help create change. To help with this issue, the BSM Justice Club co-hosted an immigration panel, February 17th at St. Catherine University.

They hosted alongside the Sisters of St. Joseph and the panel included Sister Simone Campbell and a St. Catherine student who wished to remain unidentified. Sister Simone Campbell is an immigration activist and is the head of a lobbying group network called the Sisters of Social Services (SSS). The SSS is a religious institute of women that have adopted the social mission of the Catholic Church and Benedictine spirituality with a special devotion to the Holy Spirit. They have become activists in the area of immigration. “They lobby for social justice teachings of catholic church to be seen in public policy at a national level,” Breza said.

Through this panel, both the Sisters of St. Joseph and the BSM Justice Club want to raise awareness of this issue and hope the students at BSM now understand more about undocumented immigration after the panel. “I want them to hear the stories of undocumented immigrants and hopefully learn what the catholic community should do to help,” Breza said.