Sophomore class board sells valentines

Tommy McGinn, Staff Writer

As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, the Sophomore Class Board at BSM has devised a way for friends to send messages to each other by buying a Valentine for 25 cents each.  These sales run from Tuesday, February 3 to the 5th during every lunch.

This idea of selling valentines used to be prevalent at BSM years ago, but had not been used for a while until the sophomore class board wanted to bring it back to the school.  “Many years ago, they did something with valentines,” Ms. Katie McDonald, leader of the sophomore class board, said.  “We do the candy cane gram sales for Christmas so the sophomore class this year decided to do things for Valentine’s Day as well.  I don’t think its happened for quite a while so they wanted to bring it back,” she said.

This action came into place when the sophomores wanted friends to be able to give accolades to their good friends and let them know they are thinking about them.  “They wanted to be able to spread the love around the school to give people an opportunity to recognize their friends,” McDonald said.

As well as wanting to spread love to friends, these sales are also a great way to raise money to help make some of the costs for events next school year more bearable.  “It might generate some money as the sophomore class can use this money towards other activities like prom as juniors,” McDonald said.

As this is the first time that BSM has done this since a long time ago, they are not too worried about any number of money that they could possibly raise.  “We don’t really have a goal with how many we want to sell, we just want to see if people are interested and if we should do it again in the future,” McDonald said.