The harsh reality of fast food you do not want to hear

KE takes a closer look into the scrumptious advertisements you see of those juicy burgers to bring the sad truth of your favorite indulgences.


Bella Szarzynski

Although looking scrumptious and satisfying, these fries and burger are filled with artificial ingredients.

Mary Kate Paulison

Take a look at one of the most thriving fast food companies: McDonald’s. The “cinematic secrets” used in each advertisement for food products are really not all that secretive. In attempts to take a natural approach on these ads, McDonald’s does not hide the fact that their photoshop process is used for every single photoshoot.

One of McDonald’s marketing directors, Hope Bagozzi, took a closer look at the artificial aspects of her company’s advertisement. “That burger [made in a normal McDonald’s] was made in about a minute or so. The process we go through on the average shoot takes several hours,” Bagozzi said.

The reality of fast food is tragic; most of the burgers, fries, and tacos are not what they seem. If you don’t believe that the model on the billboard has perfect curves and the clearest-looking skin, then you most definitely should not believe that burger has a deliciously fluffed bun and mouthwatering, melted cheese.

Clearly, there is an underlying message that needs to be taken from this artificial advertisement. Not everything is what it looks like on a billboard––especially a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Now, the photoshop magic is not the only factor that should keep you away from this fast food burger. There is also a well-known fact that consumers choose to ignore––a plain hamburger can be left out in the air without molding or decomposing. The countless theories and assumptions made of this grossing fact lead to ingredients that must be present to skip the molding process: a chemical preservative, extremely high amounts of salt, a dehydrated meat patty, or lack of air present in the burger itself.

Prior to learning these fast-food facts, you might think twice before putting a McDonald’s burger into your body.