Student body participates in Kare 11 food fight


Keenan Schember

Students gathered food on Monday and Tuesday for the Kare 11 Food Fight.

Kasey Desmond, Staff Writer

Today, the junior high and senior high competed to see who could donate more pounds of food as part of the KARE 11 food fight. The four KARE 11 evening news anchors, Julie Nelson, Randy Shaver, Belinda Jensen and Eric Perkins, each have “teams” through which people can donate food and money in support of the Second Harvest Heartland Food Shelf. The junior high is donating to team Julie and the senior high is donating to team Randy. Even though the senior high has a significantly larger student body, it is a close race. “The junior high collected a lot of food, but we still have a pretty good chance,” sophomore class vice president, Carrie Bather, said.