Classics club revived by three junior girls

Emma Bird, Staff Writer

This year, the Classics Club was started up again by juniors Emily Anderson, Sarah Krieger, and Emma Sather in order to offer students knowledge of the ancient Roman and Greek culture through fun activities.

The club was originally started by BSM alumni Nicole Sauer, but died out. “We’re bringing it back, and opening it up to anyone because before it was just Latin students,” junior Emily Anderson said.

The goal of the Classics Club is to promote the knowledge of the Classics, the study of ancient Greece and Rome, through fun activities. “It’s a club about the language, culture, and history of the Romans and Greeks, and we are learning about them through movies and activities that they would have done,” junior Sarah Krieger said.

The activities will be a modern take on what the Romans and Greeks would have actually done. “We’ll watch movies that relate to ancient Rome and Greece, cook Roman food, and have chariot racing, which is sledding,” Krieger said.

Additionally, the club will be primarily student-run; which activities the members will participate in will be up to the members themselves. “We’re making it very student oriented. [Advisor] Mr. Epler said that the students are in charge of it, and we can figure it out together,” Anderson said.