A day for busy work

Today, BSM declared a snow day, which is usually considered a rare and relaxing occasion for students. Now, with online school, it has become anything but.

Libby Grygar

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May 21, 2015

Kendel Malcolm

Online school has left BSM students bombarded with busy work and stress on days that they should be relaxing.

It’s only a couple hours after the administration has announced a snow day but my dreams have already been crushed. Yes, BSM declared a snow day, but the important thing is that we still have “online school.” And although online school may seem like a great alternative to not physically attending school, when you get down to it, it’s nothing more than busy work.

I’m not one to complain about snow days, but I am certainly one to complain about “online school days,” because as BSM made the switch last year to conducting online school it’s not even a snow day anymore. It’s more like a sit on your laptop and work for hours and hours sort of day. 

What online school does is just keep up appearances of a productive school without any real learning.

— Libby Grygar

The administration doesn’t realize that it’s impossible to put all the work for one day onto Haiku then just hand it over to the students. What online school does is just keep up appearances of a productive school without any real learning.

Upon checking my Haiku page I found 1) not all of my teachers followed the administration’s policy and had assignments posted by 9AM, and some still have yet to be posted, 2) what was assigned by the teachers is nothing more than busy work and, 3) teachers may have “office hours” but they don’t seem to realize that all students won’t be working on that particular piece of homework when the teacher has their office hours.

It all comes down to the idea that I, and I’m sure other students as well, would rather not have a snow day at all and risk driving into school if it means that we don’t have to deal with a day full of online school busywork.