Annual homecoming pep fest wows students

The seniors cheer on their grade for the last time at the annual pep fest.

Caroline Appleby, Staff Writer

At the annual BSM homecoming pep fest on Friday, September 12th, the senior class beat out the other grades in the race for the most spirit, however all grades were enthusiastic and cheered on their classes. Senior MC’s Eddie McHugh and Mark Falls started off the pep fest with a bang by entering on rollerblades and performing a routine. Girls dance gave it their all with a great performance, and boys dance team stole the show. This year, the competitions between freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, and teachers consisted of a seahorse race and hula dance off, with the seniors of course coming out on top. All grades put forth a great effort and the teachers tried their best. “I thought that Mark and Eddie were funny and they tried new things that were fun to watch,” senior Shelby Erickson said.