Boys’ hockey defeats former conference rival St. Francis

Jeremy Pastir, Staff Writer

Building off the success in the blowout against Blake, the boy’s hockey team kept the momentum rolling in a convincing victory over St. Francis on January 18, 2014. Though the final score wasn’t the explosive onslaught in the Blake game, the 4-1 victory for the Red Knights was reflected by the consistently high shot totals that helped grind out the victory. The difference in this performance is that the shots that were taken counted, racking up 2 goals on 9 shots in the first period (the scoring coming from Auggie Moore and Chase Jungels).

Late in the second period, Carter Roo built on the 2-0 lead, and in the third period senior defenseman Johnny Austin scored the dagger to put the game completely out of reach. St. Francis was able to capitalize late in the final period, but because of the consistent lack of offense, the game had been all but decided.

Jalen Long posted one of his best performances saving 19 of 20 shots, and the team is looking to continue building on this momentum by defensive improvement to match their offensive power.