Restaurants with late hours wow customers

When stomachs are turning at 12 a.m. and other bizarre hours, certain food joints stay open just for the night owls. From the perfect pastry to a gourmet slice of pizza, the variety of food options available is surprisingly diverse and always satisfying at late hours.

With flavors like cherry cheescake, these pastries from Glam Doll Donuts make mouths water with their impecable presentation.

Mesa Pizza
Taking a creative approach to pizza by the slice, each of Mesa Pizza’s two locations (in Uptown on Lake St. and in Dinkytown on 4th St.) are stocked with slices featuring any and every topping combination imaginable. Until 3 a.m. on weekend nights, patrons can get standard cheese and pepperoni slices or branch out and try macaroni and cheese, barbeque pork, tortellini, chicken cordon bleu, or gyro slices. Because slices add up surprisingly quick, be sure to get a punch card; after ten punches one free slice is rewarded.

Pizza Lucé
If Mesa Pizza was a Benilde-St. Margaret’s student, Pizza Lucé would be its college-age sibling, jaded and slightly snootier, but genetically similar. With a more traditional sit down environment as well as slices for sale, Pizza Luce has become somewhat of a Minnesota icon since its formation in 1993. With seven locations throughout the state (one of which is in Duluth), Pizza Lucé crafts creative pizzas with fresh, often organic ingredients and no shortage of vegetarian/vegan options. Locations are open until 2:30 a.m. daily and provide a slightly more upscale version of witching-hour pizza

Uptown Diner
Fantastic for groups experiencing late night hunger pains, the Uptown Diner is a classic greasy spoon and on weekends serves a full menu for 24 hours. Their menu seems to satisfy every type of craving, sweet tooth, or appetite. Situated on Hennepin Avenue and 26th St., the Uptown Diner has renowned breakfast and a private parking lot, making a perfectly welcoming choice for those craving a waffle, some coffee, and a comfortable seat at 4 a.m.

Caffery’s Deli and Subs
Tucked between storefronts on Lyndale Avenue, just south of Lake St., Caffery’s Deli and Subs is an independently owned Sandwich shop, and unfortunately somewhat of a dying breed. The one-of-a-kind Caffery’s caters to the late night local in search of a sandwich unbridled by corporate influence or franchise dilution. Open daily until 3 a.m., Caffery’s serves delicious sammies hot or cold, with service only an independent restaurant could provide. Delicious, reliable, and homegrown, Caffery’s is an institution and workhorse in its LynLake Neighborhood, and visitors are sure to leave satiated.

Glam Doll Donuts
New on the scene of late-night eateries in the City of Lakes, Eat Street’s Glam Doll Donuts is exactly as it sounds: a palace of decadent donut treats, available until 1 a.m. on weekends. The donuts and pastris decorated in pink, 50s inspired trimmings, cleverly named, and creatively crafted are sure to please any late night sweet tooth. With free WiFi, hot coffee and tea, bike delivery, and an Instagram account (@glamdolldonuts) Glam Doll Donuts, though new, is no doubt a storied favorite in the making.

Bryant Lake Bowl
While it’s a great bowling location, Bryant Lake Bowl also has an outstanding menu including their well-known “Moonstone Burger.” From famous bowling appetizers like the popular “Big Four Nachos” to delicious burgers and sandwiches, this food is sure to feed a hungry appetite. Centered in downtown Minneapolis, Bryant Lake Bowl has a theater, bowling alleys, and a restaurant that is perfect for late-night entertainment. Open from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m., this hotspot is known for their exceptional service, great food, and fun entertainment for all ages.