Twin Cities breakfast joints provide delicious and original options

Whether one craves glazed donuts, an everything omelet, mango waffles, eggs benedict, or a classic cup of coffee, these restaurants will find a tasty and unique way to satisfy any craving.


Audrey Jewett

Colorful murals and vibrant Cuban decor welcome guests to Victor’s 1959 Cafe.

Victor’s 1959 Cafe
Recognized by its brightly painted colorful murals, Victor’s 1959 Cafe  offers a temporary getaway into a world of Cuban food and culture. Located on  Grand Ave S in south Minneapolis, Victor’s serves breakfast  every day from 8am to 2:30pm. On Tuesday through Saturday, Victor’s opens back up after a siesta [a quick nap, common in Cuban culture] at 4:30. They serve dinner until 9pm. Although delicious meals are offered on each menu, their breakfast menu satisfies with standout meals: a corn pancake, served in a foot-diameter pan, mango waffles topped with whipped cream, cinnamon, and sliced mangos, Cuban Hash–seasoned ground beef simmered in their creole sauce, and delicious raspberry lemonade. Portion sizes are reasonable, especially when brunch-ing. Other than their delectable meals, Victor’s offers a fun environment with Cuban decorations and writing all over the walls. Be sure to bring a marker because any surface in the restaurant is fair game for doodles and graffiti. (bridgit flom)

Over looking Minnehaha Parkway on 28th Avenue in South Minneapolis, bakery and donut shop Mel-O-Glaze is often hailed as one of the best donut manufacturers in the Twin Cities. Though some visitors are put off by Mel-O-Glaze’s unique, sometimes uncomfortable service and overall decor of the establishment, it is tough to dispute the quality of the products made. Often upon entrance, the shop is eerily silent, Family guy may be muted on a television, and some sort of manager may be petting a hairless cat in an armchair by the door. Whether one decides to brave the intimidating quiet of the dining area or to take his or her baked goods elsewhere, some key orders are the apple fritters, sugar-cookies, various cakes, and of course, any variety of the Raised Donuts are sure-fire favorites. (jack johnston)

Keys Cafe
Offering an old-town diner feel in the middle of downtown Minneapolis, Key’s Cafe at Foshay Tower is just as busy as the city outside of it. The wait is well-worth it with their tasty breakfast options, such as Keys Famous Everything Omelette including ham, bacon, sausage, Italian Sausage, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, hash browns, AND cheese, or the Belgian Waffle served with whipped cream and strawberries. All of Key’s dining options are homemade in the kitchen and bakery, including their mouthwatering cinnamon and caramel rolls that provide the perfect blend of airiness and sweetness. And before leaving the cafe, don’t forget to order one of Key’s famous pies from the bakery to bring home. (sofie madden)

Isles Bun and Coffee
Famous for their puppy dog tails and organic coffee, Isles Bun and Coffee is the perfect quick stop on a Sunday morning. Behind the glass of the display case, rows of buns huddling under blankets of cream cheese frosting glisten underneath the heat lamps. The interior of the restaurant lacks in square footage; there’s barely enough room to house the cluster of tables and chairs, making for a cozy environment. However, when the weather is nice, there’s plenty of outdoor seating, and take-out is always an option. Open from 6:30-4:30 Monday-Saturday, and 7-4 on Sunday, Isles Bun and Coffee satisfies both early birds and those who enjoy to sleep in with the sacred combination of coffee and sweet rolls. (bridgit flom)

Turtle Bread Company
Whether its breakfast, lunch, or anytime in between the two, one of Turtle Bread Companies three locations in and around South Minneapolis is a convenient, excellently reliable Bakery/Restaurant with many menu items and baked goods. May your visit be for an omelette, sandwich, fresh baked bread, pastries or desserts, Turtle Bread serves a variety of needs and a diverse customer base. Croissants and cookies are consistently satisfying, as are the pies and soups, but the store’s berry jelly is not to be missed on bread. (jack johnston)

Zumbro Cafe
From the first step in the door, Zumbro Cafe surrounds guests with the smell of eggs and bacon, the sounds of cheery conversation, and the noise of crinkling newspapers. Nestled in the heart of Linden Hills, this brunch hotspot brings a small-town charm feel to all of its customers. Following Linden Hills’ all-natural tradition, Zumbro Cafe uses fresh and organic ingredients in all of their delicious menu items including the infamous Eggs Benedict or the Tofu Scramble, which is served with tomatoes, goat cheese, and fresh basil pesto. Open from just 7:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., it’s no wonder a line forms out the door of Zumbro Cafe. (sofie madden)