Pannek scores 100th goal in game against Holy Family

On September 23, 2013, senior captain Kelly Pannek scored 2 goals and added 2 assists against Holy Family, to surpass 100-point mark in her varsity career. Currently, she leads the team in both goals and assists, having 13 in each category. “It’s surreal to be able to accomplish 100 points for soccer, I didn’t realize until this season that it was possible,” said Pannek.

However, despite her consistently high level of play, she gives a great deal of credit to her teammates and is never completely satisfied with her play. “I think the coolest part about it is thinking about how I got to this accomplishment, so many different people would set me up for goals or score some unbelievable goals off my assists,” she continued, “the hardest part, I think, is always trying to be better, to never settle at where I am at and to keep pushing myself, which is what I intend to do.”