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Staff Ed: Students must advocate for themselves and teachers must be open to suggestions

April 26, 2016

When students ask for extra help or change within a class, they set an example for their peers who feel they are struggling. It is of the utmost importance that requests for change in education are clear, respectful...

Staff Ed: BSM’s students and faculty should strive to be more eco-friendly

April 2, 2016

At this year’s Oscars, we watched in excitement as Leonardo DiCaprio finally earned best leading actor. Instead of basking in his well-deserved glory, Leo brought to light an issue that plagues our world today: environme...

Staff Ed: Black history is more than just one month

March 11, 2016

For every issue of the Knight Errant newspaper, the editorial staff meets to discuss the possible topics for our staff editorial. For this issue, our topic became clear after only a couple minutes: “We have to talk about Black...

Staff Ed: The cost of activities is more than equipment

December 14, 2015

BSM is known for its school pride. As you walk down the hallway, red and white sweatshirts flood your vision. The same team spirit can be seen in our activities. From matching t-shirts to matching Nikes, the team is always united. However,...

Staff Ed: The college process should not leave students judged

November 9, 2015

You’ve probably noticed that college is a big deal. To many BSM students, it is the event of a lifetime. Maybe it’s because we’re competitive. Maybe it’s because we attend a college preparatory school. But turning the...

Staff Ed: Purpose of Extracurriculars

October 7, 2015

We are not coaches. We are not directors. We are not in charge. But from our perspective as students, we can tell you that too often it seems that activities and sports prioritize recognition and success over the growth and ded...

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