Staff Ed: Students should be included in conversations over changes at BSM

The BSM administration tries to create the best learning environment for students. They renovate the building almost every year for better classroom technology, add new classes, and provide students with amazing teachers. Overall, the administration strives to create a comfortable and loving environment that fosters learning and growth for the youth and young adults at BSM.

However, almost every decision that the administration makes affects students. And many times, when the administration is making critical decisions, they rarely ask for student input and ignore student recommendations. When there were critical issues with bathrooms, changes with the block days, and an entire new plan to Wellness classes, not enough students were consulted.

The communication between the administration and the students is lackluster. While we acknowledge that the administration has made attempts at furthering dialogue—for example, interviewing seniors during lunch— there is little continual communication between the administration and students.

There are also situations where students are not willing to discuss policies with the administration because of the fear of reprisal. Because discussion is important to making BSM better, the administration should have anonymous ways to for students to interact with the administration and give valuable input.

In addition, many students don’t even try to discuss issues and complete surveys for the administration because they don’t feel that their opinions will be valued. The administration should also make an effort to show students that their opinions will be valued. This will encourage students to become more involved within the school.

However, students also need to hold up their end of the bargain. The student body needs to consistently show respect for BSM so that the administration will respect the student body in return. If the student body shows a consistent amount of respect, the administration will be more comfortable taking in student input.