BSM Boys’ Lacrosse is Prepared to Continue Their Reign This Season


Courtesy of the BSM boys' lacrosse team

The boys lacrosse team poses for a picture after winning the state championship game for the second year in a row.

The state of Minnesota knows and loves them – the BSM boys’ lacrosse team is back and on the mission to add another state championship win to their back to back streak. The boys have several changes this season from a loss of the 2022 seniors, a new starting goalie, several coaching staff changes, as well as the new freshmen that joined the team. Let’s dive into this team and how they plan to live up to the high standards they hold themselves to.

Being undefeated last season as well as taking home the state champ plaque in both 2021 and 2022, the pressure is certainly on, and the boys have targets on their back. Senior captain Caio Stephens feels that confidence is going to be key this year. “We’re the best team in the state and we know it. So if we lose, it’s going to be in our own hands. Like it’s going to be our fault. I have a lot of pressure on myself, but our team as a whole feels confident,” Stephens said.

Throughout a highschool season, players and coaches are bound to come and go. A new head coach, Giuseppe Palermo, as well as a new defensive coordinator, Joe Weichert, entered the BSM lacrosse program this season. Unsure of how this would affect the team as whole, sophomore Dylan Popehn feels confident that the coaching staff has what it takes to lead the boys to another victory. “With the coaching staff, I think it’s been a much easier transition than I thought it would be to be honest and I think they’re a great fit for our program and they’re going to help us reach our goals this season,” Popehn said.

This year it’s about us. Us as a team and the coaches just want us to go out and have fun and fly around on the field and just dominate everyone else,

— Caio Stephens

A state winning group isn’t just a team, it’s a family. On and off the field, this tight knit group of guys keeps the team dynamic strong all year along and they feel it truly contributes to the chemistry they are able to feel together on the field. “We spend hours upon hours with each other, we go to the gym together, we go eat food together, like everything we do in the season is with each other and for each other. So it’s just like, kind of that brotherhood aspect that brings us all together and makes us want to play for each other and just play as hard as we can just sell out,” Stephens said.

Although practice is a big part of a dynamic sport such as lacrosse, mindset and mentality is a huge part of this team’s style. Keeping priorities straight and focusing on the things in the team’s control makes a big difference. “It’s going to be important for us this season to focus on ourselves more than our competitors because we can only work on our own team, not our competitors,” sophomore Judah Johnson-Nixon said.

The boys know what to do, and the team is full of trust, positivity, and close friendships. Their coaches and the rest of BSM is on their side and ready for a great season. “This year it’s about us. Us as a team and the coaches just want us to go out and have fun and fly around on the field and just dominate everyone else,” Stephens said.