Students Stay Active at the Gym


Ella Kocourek

Students enjoy working out at the gym to relieve stress and improve their athletic performance.

Gym culture is a big part of the overall BSM culture. Students in all grades enjoy going to the gym to workout and blow off steam from the stress they experience from school.

Improved physical health can greatly boost self-confidence and release endorphins known to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Many students turn to the gym as a way to relieve feelings of stress that can be detrimental to their health and well-being. “I go to the gym to become a better version of myself,” junior Brooklyn Miller said.

The gym also helps students to build muscle mass and become stronger. Students enjoy being able to see their progress from working out. By getting stronger, students can also feel more confident in themselves. “I like going to the gym because I become stronger,” junior George Kasbohm said.

By making it a habit to go to the gym, students are able to see progressions in their sports and life. It is a real world example of hard work paying off. This motivates many to keep attending the gym whenever they can. “I’ve seen a lot of progress in my swimming technique and just my overall speed,” senior Claire Prindiville said.

At BSM, students who belong to a gym tend to go whenever they can. Most students say that they go to the gym about 4 times a week, however, others go more. “I go to the gym 6 times a week after school,” Kasbohm said.

Students spend their time at the gym participating in many different things. While some students enjoy lifting weights, others like to spend their time taking classes. “I like going to the gym because I enjoy doing the classes. My favorite class is warrior sculpt at Lifetime. I enjoy going with my friends who are also Lifetime members and it’s always a good workout because you get to hang out with your friends, kind of escape from homework, and get really fit,” senior Ellie Krusemark said.

By working out, student athletes are also helping themselves succeed in their prospective sports. Working out, not just during sports training, but also on your own can help athletes become stronger and achieve their goals. “I practice for swimming six days a week and I like to go to the gym to lift and to do other plyometric and speed base exercises that are meant to better me as an athlete,” Prindiville said.