Lil Baby’s new album is hot garbage


Courtesy of Pitchfork

Lil Baby’s new album cover.

When Lil Baby said “You can do it first, I’ma do it worse,” in his song ‘In A Minute’ on new recently released album It’s Only Me, he was not lying. Lil Baby’s new album is nothing short of hot garbage. Listeners around the world are beyond disappointed when hearing his new album.

When it comes to releasing albums, Lil Baby has high expectations from rap critics around the world. His past albums such as ‘My Turn’ or ‘Harder Than Ever’ received praise for the lyrical genius in practically every song. However, in his latest album, Baby sounds unclear, unpassionate, and slurred in lots of verses. The passion heard in his voice on songs outside of this album create a standard for Baby, and showcase what he really is like.

In songs such as ‘Danger’ or ‘Everything’ Baby is heard off-beat, inarticulate, and putting minimal effort into his verses. Tracks like these are just a minimal part of what compiles to form a sub par Lil Baby album. “I’m in charge, I’m always gon’ go hard,” as said in ‘Real Spill’, clearly shows that Baby was uninspired, and frankly, maybe even too confident in his ability when writing this album.

Despite having features from big name artists such as Young Thug, Future, and Pooh Shiesty, and phenomenal verses from each of them, Lil Baby was not able to rise to the level of the other artists and create a banger. However, many of the features are being praised for their verses in each of their songs, for example, Pooh Shiesty’s fire lines.

Baby’s flow seems to be disrupted on the album, and could possibly be a change in his rapping style. Nardo Wick, who is found on “Pop Out”, is known as a reckless and free flowing rapper. Baby’s new flow has been compared to Wick on this album, and it is not a pleasing tone to hear him in. Hopefully Baby will be able to bounce back and find his rhythm again.

Despite all the negative aspects of the album, Baby still did reach his potential on some tracks. Personally, my favorites are “In A Minute”, “Real Spill”, and “California Breeze”. The lyrics sound meaningful, from the heart, and how Baby should sound. The beats are phenomenal, they sound energizing, and match Baby’s tone. Hopefully he will be able to come back and release some heat for his next album.