BSM Faculty and Staff Are Experiencing a ‘Baby Boom’


Lily Butner

The Little Knights are a helpful resource for the many BSM teachers with babies.

Lily Butner, Editor

BSM has undergone a teacher baby boom during the 2021 and 2022 school years. Six BSM teachers have had babies or have gone on maternity/paternity leave during this year so far.

Many teachers have been having babies over this current school year and the second half of last school year. This means teaching while pregnant for many teachers. Theology teacher Andretta Hanson had a baby girl, Neyeli, in December of 2021, and took some time before telling her colleagues about her pregnancy to ensure that she had welcomed the news herself. However, once she started telling fellow teachers, she found out that there were several other teachers having babies at the same time. “When I started telling my colleagues, that’s when I found out that other teachers were going to also have their babies, like within the same timeframe. So there were like three other teachers, I think, that had their babies in January,” Hanson said.

Math teacher Max Johnson welcomed baby Maverick in January 2021. He took his paternity leave after his wife took her maternity leave, allowing his wife to return to work which was rewarding for the both of them. Johnson spent the time bonding with Maverick through his earliest months, and is grateful for the time they spent together. “I think especially for a lot of dads, maybe they don’t get as much leave at other places of employment. So [that’s] something that I really appreciated and really valued about Benilde St. Margaret’s being so progressive in that way to give the males that much time,” Johnson said.

One resource for teachers with young children is Little Knights. A daycare specifically for the children of teachers, Little Knights has proved to be a helpful tool for teachers with young children. Religion teacher Becca Meagher sent her two oldest daughters through Little Knights and enjoyed the experience. “Ms. Heidi is a wonderful teacher and offers the kids so many opportunities to explore and learn through play,” Meagher said in an email interview.

Whatever stage of the pregnancy journey, BSM is sure to provide teachers with helpful resources and support for expecting staff members – no matter how many teachers go through a baby boom.