BSM Library Plans for Remodeling


Monica Beutz

BSM library before the remodel

Monica Beutz, Staff Writer

Administration has approved the plan to remodel the College and Career Center. The center is a valuable resource for all senior high students, but its current configuration is less than ideal. The center is located directly off the entrance of the lobby behind the library, and the counselors’ offices are laid out inefficiently. For many years the counselors have been lobbying for a remodel of their space to expand the college and career center and reconfigure the organization of the offices, and finally the counselors will get their dream set up.

The administration as well as the students want to avoid working on construction for an extended period into the fall school year. Their goal time frame is to finish the project before the school year, but with current delays in the supply chain, the construction might have to be extended to mid-October. “I don’t know if it actually is going to happen because of supply chain issues. But we’re hoping… It seems like it is because [the administration] actually made the plan,” guidance counselor Amanda Anderson said.

One issue that the remodel poses is the limitation of workspaces available to students. Since the library is the only quiet work space, if the remodel extends beyond summer, students would be limited in their working spaces. The only spots for students to work before school, after school, and during their free hour would be the cube, the atrium, or a classroom.

The testing center would also need to be moved during the remodel, and according to Natalie Ramier, BSM’s CFO, the testing center could possibly be moved permanently from the library. “We are going to find a different spot, I think, for quiet testing,” Ramier said.

The administration met with an architecture design team and ordered new furniture for the library. The current comfortable chairs for reading will be replaced with swivel chairs and some tables with partitions will be added for individual study.

Another benefit of the remodel will be moving the library conference room to be able to be accessed through the lobby. This will prevent students working in the library from being disturbed by faculty, staff, and students from walking through the library to get to the conference room.

Even with supply chain issues, Ramier is hopeful that the project will remain on schedule and provide students and counselors with a more efficient and pleasant experience in the library and the college and career center. “There are a lot of supply chain issues like heating and air conditioning units and even just construction materials but I think we should hopefully be in a good spot,” Ramier said.