Students Look Forward to Purchasing Yearbooks


Marin King

The yearbook staff busy working on the content for their other publication, the Spring Supplement, after finishing the 2021-2022 yearbook.

Marin King, Staff Writer

Benilde-St. Margaret’s yearbook staff understands that yearbooks are an important part of the high school experience to many students and works to produce the most inclusive and accurate content.

Yearbook advisor Katie Belanger’s main goal in leading the yearbook class is to make sure the whole student body feels seen and represented. Looking back at her own yearbooks, Belanger finds them to be a great throwback and way to reminisce on her high school years. “In 20 years when you look back through the yearbook and you remember the faces and the activities, it’s a joy. It’s a rush of nostalgia,” Belanger said.

Sophomore Zoe Kretchmer gets a yearbook every year because she likes that the yearbook staff considers all BSM clubs and activities. She likes to look for pictures of her friends and enjoys the idea of seeing her highschool experience in the form of a book. “It’s really fun to see all the school spirit and all the photos from over the years,” Kretchmer said.

In 20 years when you look back through the yearbook and you remember the faces and the activities, it’s a joy. It’s a rush of nostalgia.

— Katie Belanger

Senior Sadie Witterschein thinks getting a yearbook this year will be more important to her than ever before. Although excited about graduation, she is glad to be able to return to BSM through the yearbook as she prepares for college.

Her favorite part has always been getting to know the seniors through their superlatives, especially because as an athlete, she gets to participate on teams with students in other grades. “Seeing all the seniors’ quotes, and their pictures, and their baby pictures, and superlatives is super fun,” Witterschein said.

Yearbook staff member and sophomore, Makayla Shiek, chose this elective because she thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about photography while designing the pages that show off BSM’s clubs, sports, and class accomplishments.

She also appreciates that it allows her to connect with the student body in a unique way. Shiek’s favorite part about getting yearbooks has always been the back pages that give students space for autographs. “You could always write your names on other people’s yearbooks and write little notes. It’s just fun,” Shiek said.

Belanger thinks the tradition of getting yearbooks is such a high school staple because of the sentimental value that comes with getting that snapshot in time and loves leading her class in putting a real and personalized product into the hands of students here at BSM. “I love that we have the opportunity to capture the year at a glance, to create a time capsule of 2021-2022,” Belanger said.