Space Force Comes Back With Second Season

Teddy Madden, Staff Writer

Space Force, a highly acclaimed show that debuted in 2020, has come out with a season two. The show depicts a spoof of the newly created branch of the military, Space Force.

The show features many stars from many different comedies. This makes it very entertaining as we are able to see Steve Carrell play the role of General Mark Naird, a U.S. army general in charge of the Space Force, a recent branch of the U.S. Military. He is known for many comedic roles in hit movies such as Anchorman, Get Smart, Evan Almighty, and The Office. Jimmy Yang is known for his role in Crazy Rich Asians and his stand up comedy performances. He plays one of the head engineers at Space Force who, in season two, has relationship problems.

Season two kicks off with the troubles a failing army branch is having with its goals and success. This results in a cut budget and a lot of drama within the scrambling team. Compared to the first season, there is a lot more depth in this season with the Space Force being much more realistic. We get to see the mental health issues of those who have come back from space and how they transition back to their regular lives. At the end of season one, a team had been on the moon and was almost abandoned by the US government, and in this season we see the consequences of this betrayal in the astronauts and how they act.

The show overall has had huge expectations and for the most part have lived up to  them. The visuals and atmosphere overall are a great addition to the show with an insane looking set. This elevates every other aspect of the show. My hope when watching the show was that it was going to give a similar experience as Ted Lasso, but the writing and screenplay doesn’t reach that level. I was somewhat disappointed with the lazy writing because of the stellar cast and the shows they have been in previously. There is also a lot of vulgar language which I wasn’t expecting which brought the quality of the show down.

Overall, I recommend watching the show if you are looking for something new and don’t want to be too committed to a show because they only have a total of 17 episodes. It’s a great show if you like visuals in a show and it has some great comedic moments overall.