“A Knight in Hollywood” was a special night for BSM students


Courtesy of Susan Weedman

A group of juniors at photos before attending prom.

Benilde-St.Margaret’s prom was held on April 23, 2022 at the Huntington Bank Stadium. Only juniors and seniors were invited to attend the dance and guests from other schools were welcome as long as they were a junior or senior. The photos started at 4 PM on the turf for seniors. Other students such as junior Aidan Faherty took photos elsewhere. “I had a lot of fun taking photos in front of the fountain at the Carlson Tower in Minnetonka, it was great scenery and really made the whole experience a lot more memorable, ” Faherty said.

After the photos, the annual grand march began; at BSM the theater was packed with parents and friends. Each couple, group of friends, or solo names were announced as they walked the red carpet to a photo spot where BSM’s own Eden Garwin photographed each group including senior Sydney Drees. “I loved walking across the stage in front of all the parents…it was fun getting to watch and see everyone all dressed up,” Drees said.

I loved walking across the stage in front of all the parents…it was fun getting to watch and see everyone all dressed up”

— Sydney Drees

Three buses left from the Haben at a time to drive students down to the Hunting Bank Stadium where prom took place. Once every student made it into the building and to their assigned tables, students were dismissed in groups to grab their dinner. There was salad, spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, bread, chicken, and an assortment of fruit. “I actually really enjoyed the pasta bar…It was upsetting that there wasn’t enough and we ran out though,” senior Cassi Gonyea said.

Students were also offered an ice cream bar which consisted of vanilla ice cream, and a variety of toppings. Once everyone finished eating, the dance stage began to fill with students. “There were a lot of good options and the ice cream was amazing,” junior Emmett Frenz said.

BSM prom had a photo booth where many students got a chance to take pictures with their classmates and friends. You could add props in your pictures or just keep it simple, either way it was a hit for all students. “It was a super fun idea, the photos turned out great…you could also send them to yourself digitally,” senior Ashtyn Lowenberg said.

The first buses departed at 10:00 pm. Although a bit hectic towards the end of the event, and students were rushing to be the first out the door, everyone got on a bus and was brought back to BSM in a reasonable amount of time. “Many kids wanted to get on the first couple buses so there was a lot of pushing and shoving trying to leave first. Other than that, it was a very fun night,” junior William Frattalone said.