University of St. Thomas Is Popular Among The Class of 2022


Maddie Shannon

Future Tommies, Nick Graczyk and Quinn Schliesman, showing their University pride with purple and white!

Maddie Shannon, Staff Writer

The University of St. Thomas has become a very popular college for the 2022 high school graduating class, with about 15 2022 seniors planning on attending St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is a private, Catholic university in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. St. Thomas has just recently moved from Division 111 to Division 1 in all athletics, which has spiked many student’s interests.

The University of St. Thomas is filled with many opportunities for students. A few popular majors include finance, marketing, business, and biology. There are more than 150 undergraduate majors and minors to choose from. “I chose St. Thomas mainly because it has good opportunities so if I wanted to go into a different major, I can choose one because they have a variety of majors. Other colleges only have one main major that they specialize in, where St. Thomas has many,” senior Cullen White said.

University of St. Thomas has not only grown academically but it has also grown in numbers throughout the years. There are around 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 900 members of the faculty and staff. Students that attend the university are from all over the world. 92 countries and 41 states are represented within the student body of St. Thomas.

The university offers many students scholarships. About 96% of first year students receive an academic scholarship. Academic scholarships are available for the student-athletes that attend the university. “I chose St. Thomas because I really liked the school as well as the athletics, I thought it was a great fit for me. I’m going to play D1 hockey there and was lucky to get a scholarship to go with it,” senior Mary Zavoral said.

Many students at BSM have either had a family member that attended the university of St. Thomas or have a family member teach at the university. This makes the decision easier for most because you receive a lot of money for having one of your parents work at St. Thomas. “My mom works at the Minneapolis campus so I am practically going to college for free,” senior Gino Gatti said.

Several Red Knights will transition into ‘Tommies’ within the next year while also representing the colors gray and purple to show off their love for the university. At BSM, there are about 20 students per class which is very similar to St. Thomas, making the adjustment smoother. “The class sizes are smaller which works for me really well because the teachers are a lot more involved with you personally,” senior Nick Graczyk said.