What halloween costumes to expect this year


Courtesy of Google Forms

Results of the Halloween Costume Predictions survey.

Halloween is right around the corner which means costume ideas are in the works. Every year there’s a mix of old and new costumes, ranging from movie characters to dressing up as a play on words. A survey was sent out to BSM students and staff, asking them to place their predictions for the most popular Halloween costumes this year.

The costume winning by a mile at 49.5%, is by the theme of the newest Netflix hit, Squid Games. There are two main costumes one can pull off: the captive players or the game staff. To dress as one of the captive players, one would need a turquoise tracksuit and white t-shirt with a number 1-456. Costumes inspired by the game staff include a salmon pink jumpsuit and a black mask, similar to a fencing mask, with a white circle, square, or triangle. Since Squid Games is popular across the globe, chances are many people, including BSM students, will be recreating this fairly simple costume.

The classic fairy costume came in second at 27.6%. Although this costume was more common when most of the BSM students were younger, the magical and sparkly creatures are making a comeback once again. Students keep going back to the fairy costume because it’s versatile and customizable. In order to recreate the fairy look, people will wear a sparkly skirt, glittery wings, and hold a magical wand.

Coming in third at 25.7%, just behind the fairies is the frat boy costume. Although the frat boy look has made plenty of appearances throughout recent years, students still believe they’ll see it again this Halloween. One of the biggest reasons it’s well-liked is because it’s simple to recreate. People will wear an oversized button-down shirt, a preppy polo, khakis, baggy shorts, and a hat. Most of the time the frat boy costume is worn by a group which makes it an appealing option to larger friend groups. Students describe the frat boy look as basic, overused, and messy. Many students hope this prediction is inaccurate because students, such as senior Tenekay Johnson, describe the frat boy look as basic and overused. “It’s quick and easy to use,” said Tenekay Johnson.