Netflix’s “Squid Game” Captivates Audiences Globally


Courtesy of IMDb

Teddy Madden, Staff Writer

Squid Game is a new action mystery show that has taken Netflix, and the world, by storm. It is a Korean show that has been translated to English about people who are in major debt that play a series of kids’ games for a large amount of money, but the catch is that if they lose, they are killed. It is currently on track to be the biggest show in Netflix history and has been all over social media.

When viewing Squid Game from the surface, the show may appear to merely be a series of gruesome killings, but as we dig deeper, there is a mystery aspect to the show that introduces many questions: Who is in charge? Why does the game happen? Why are the workers so compliant? How is no one suspicious of so many people being kidnapped? I really like the mystery aspect of the show because it keeps you intrigued and wanting to explore the multiple aspects of the show rather than just the game about killings. The show keeps us coming back with the unanswered questions and the continuous cliffhangers at the end of each episode.

Squid Game comes from a variety of perspectives. We mostly focus on the perspective of the players and especially Gi-Hun, the main character of the show. The contestants’ main goal is to make alliances and stay alive as they go through the games. Among the dwindling contestants, there are a few groups that stick together including one with Gi-Hun. Another perspective we follow is that of detective Joon-Ho, who infiltrates as one of the workers because he’s looking for his brother that he thinks is in the game. Here we are able to see the humanity of the red workers and their day to day tasks as Joon-ho poses as one. At first, viewers are very confused as to who the red workers are, why they are working as a part of this disturbing game, and why they are so compliant with the orders they receive. As the story progresses, however, we are able to see holes in the system of the game by how the red workers are taking advantage of the dead contestants. For example, a group of workers uses a contestant who is a doctor to remove the dead contestants’ vital organs in order to sell them on the black market. 

So far, the show has lived up to its expectations as a mystery thriller and I understand why it keeps viewers coming back. As I continue to watch the show, the more questions that are answered, the more I ask. If you are interested in watching Squid Game, I warn you that it is very gruesome and you need to avoid spoilers on social media. The show is also somewhat annoying to watch with the dub because the way the characters talk is off. The dub also does not do the characters justice because the tones can be different in certain scenes and the translation can be wrong. If you don’t mind reading subtitles, I recommend watching the show in Korean with English subtitles. I highly recommend Squid Game for almost everyone because of how well it leads us on and keeps us coming back for more.