Schoology is not living up to its predecessor Powerschool Learning


Brook Wenande

Recently BSM made the switch from Powerschool Learning to Schoology.

Due to Schoology buying powerschool, many students are adjusting to the new school learning system. Many students have different opinions of the new website from dislikes to likes.

Students have had opposing views of Schoology from the start. Before Schoology bought Powerschool, Benilde used the Powerschool system that worked smoothly and didn’t stress students out that much. When I heard we were using Schoology as the new school learning management system, I found it to be very stressful not knowing how to work the page. I knew there would have to be some benefits in the new system as well, and I knew eventually I was going to adapt to the new system. However, some students still are having a hard time still adapting to the new system. I spoke to another student at BSM, Tristan Sarsland, to get his opinions of Schoology. “My first impression of Schoology was how different it was and that it had a totally different feel compared to Powerschool,” Sarsland said.

Many students are very frustrated with the new school system and with how things work. Students are not a big fan of how simple the website looks compared to how formal Powerschool was. The website looks very dry and not appealing to my eyes. I found the way you turn in assignments to be confusing and much more complicated compared to how easily it was on Powerschool. Sarsland also doesn’t like how the turning in for assignments work. “I really don’t like their system of turning things in, it is very difficult to turn in a doc and it takes a ton of time,” Sarsland said.

Schoology may not flow as well as Powerschool, but there are some positives that people find to be very helpful. Many people including myself find it very pleasant and useful to know who is in your classes before the new quarter starts. Sarsland finds other benefits of Schoology to be very helpful for him. “Seeing all of your class pages no matter the semester is very helpful for me. I also find it very easy to access homework at any time,” Sarsland said.

Many people are hoping for powerschool to fix issues to help make school easier for us. I also hope Schoology improves their layout on their website so it isn’t boring and dull. If Schoology fixed these issues it would make our lives way easier and less stressful.