Live, love, lockers


Brook Wenande

Some BSM students prefer using their lockers over backpacks.

Katherine Foe, Varsity Writer

I love my locker. Not having a locker last year absolutely killed me. Having somewhere to keep your lunch and your keys is top tier. Your locker gives you some time to kill; have you ever been in a situation where your classes are right next to each other and you don’t want to go and just sit? That’s awkward. Do you need an excuse to leave class that isn’t going to the bathroom? Go grab something from your locker. When you have your backpack, there is no escape. Backpacks take up too much room, especially in the smaller classes. It is so upsetting when your backpack gets all dirty because people keep accidentally kicking it.
Remember last year when you had nowhere to put your winter coat so you either didn’t wear one or carried it around? And don’t you dare try and say that you just put it in your backpack. We all know you didn’t. You couldn’t possibly put your coat in your backpack because you had all your notebooks, folders, lunch, water bottle, and laptop already in your backpack. Having a locker solves literally all of those problems.

Though it may be annoying having people crowd the main hallway trying to get into their lockers or crowding around a friend at their locker, that’s the high school experience. Locker crowding eventually becomes less of a problem as people begin to figure out proper locker etiquette.