Fantasy football brings fun this fall


Photo courtesy of ESPN Press Room

Fantasy Football prevails as a fun and popular hobby this fall.

Over the years Fantasy Football has become a big part of many people’s lives, whether it’s between friends, family or even teams. All throughout BSM, teachers and students play, either for money or just for the fun of it.

Throughout leagues, you can find that the loser of the league tends to do some type of punishment at the end of the season, such as the Paqui one chip challenge, which is a super spicy chip. Consequences like this motivate participants to do as well as possible in their leagues. “I’m really not trying to lose in my league because I don’t want to take part in the punishment,” senior Conor Keady said.

Some people are so invested in Fantasy Football that they make spreadsheets of who to draft. These spreadsheets can include bye-weeks, what round they’re most likely to get drafted, average points per game, and so on. Fantasy football can be filled with mixed emotions whether it is during the draft or the first week of your league, “I’m not that nervous about losing my fantasy league because my team is pretty good,” Keady said.

Deciding who to play and who to bench can be a deciding factor in a win or a loss. “I wish I could’ve drafted Younghoe Koo because he would’ve been helping my team out a lot but my friend drafted him,” senior Kieran Wickner said.

Every week, there are new stories released on players who start on a Fantasy team, which can be found on ESPN or Yahoo. The smallest change can affect the entire team and affect the team’s outcome in any given week, “ Bye-weeks are really going to mess my team up because I don’t have enough players on my bench,” Keady said.

The intense Fantasy players keep track of stats and that help decide who starts and who gets benched on their team. After a week is done and all the players have played, there is the opportunity to pick up new players. “I’m happy with my waiver order because I know who I want to pick up,” Wickner said.

During the first week of Fantasy, the worst quarterback that could’ve been played was Aaron Rodgers, who only put up 3.32 points against the Saints, resulting in one of the first performances by a quarterback in week one. People who all had Rodgers weren’t pleased with his performance. “Aaron Rodgers is no longer MVP material,” Wickner said.