Is “He’s All That” worth the watch?


"He's All That" movie poster,, Netflix, fair use

“He’s All That” was a very popular Netflix release based off of the classic “She’s All That.”

Popular Tik-Toker Addison Rae’s first movie debuted on August 25th, and let’s just say it did not live up to the hype. The acting was sub-par to say the least…maybe she should stick to Tik-Tok.

The movie, “He’s All That,” is a spinoff of the 1999 romantic comedy, “She’s All That.” The movie is about a teenage influencer who is challenged by one of her friends to give the weirdest boy in school a makeover. As she goes through the makeover process, she starts to develop feelings for this outcast. She experiences many highs and lows of being a highschooler, as she struggles to keep up the image as the “popular girl.”

“She’s all that,” is a popular highschool feel-good movie, with great acting. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the remake. The chemistry between Addison Rae and co-star Tanner Buchanan was seriously lacking. They didn’t seem to connect on any level; it felt awkward when it shouldn’t have. It was easy to tell that they did not have much experience in the acting world.

Social media’s role in the movie was interesting and added a modern twist. Rae portrays an influencer in the film, and she is also one in real life. I thought that this would’ve given her the edge to portray her character more accurately, but she did not do it justice. Her character “Padgett” was all over the place. She seemed rude at parts and kind at others. I couldn’t seem to figure her out, and I do not think this was the director’s intention. Addison is also 20 years old, and she seemed too mature to portray a 16 or 17 year old. This creates unrealistic standards for girls that are actually this age.

My personal expectations for the movie were low, considering Rae has no prior acting experience. I don’t think Rae’s first role in a movie should have been a main character. She should’ve been eased into acting and started with a smaller role. Although many social media stars turn to singing and acting, having followers does not mean that an influencer is good at those things.

“He’s all that,” kept me entertained, cringing, and laughing for the entire movie. Most times, I was laughing at how horrendous the acting was, but a laugh is a laugh. I recommend this movie to someone bored and looking for something cheesy.