‘Shang Chi’ Does Not Break the Groundbreaking Marvel Pattern


Shang Chi movie poster, Marvel, TheDirect.com, fair use

Shang Chi is one of Marvel’s newest releases.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a part of the Marvel cinematic universe. It received a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes critic’s score and a 98% audience score, Metacritic gave it a 71%, and Common Sense Media gave it a score of four out of five.
Throughout the movie, the cinematography varied. At first, the movie utilized the use of music and views of San Francisco while Shawn goes through his daily routine. As he listens to music, there is a side view of him walking down the street passing by a bustling city. Later on in the movie, Shawn goes to Macau, a casino city in China, and when they drive through the city, they show great visuals of the nightlife. There are bright lights and the city is glowing. In fighting scenes, the visuals look somewhat like the matrix as the camera moves around the same action as it happens in slow motion.

Shang-Chi is a very influential movie for the Asian community considering it has an all-Asian cast. A significant amount of the movie is in Chinese. They also bring up how men are favored in Chinese culture over women as there is a clear difference in the way that Shawn and his sister Xialing were raised.

Shang-Chi was very different from the classic marvel movies because it had its own story and barely intertwined with the other movies. There were however a few connections between other movies: Wong from Doctor Strange makes two brief appearances in the movie and there is a connection between the Ten Rings and the antagonist in Iron Man 3.

Shang-Chi has a cast full of well-known Asian actors. The movie featured many comedians as well as some other cool appearances that kept the movie lighthearted: Ronny Chieng has a brief appearance as an assistant to Shawn’s sister and Awkwafina is a great supporting character. Michelle Yeoh is Shawn’s aunt who has a big role throughout the second half of the movie.

Shang-Chi is a very influential movie because of the incorporation of an Asian superhero and culture with great execution as well. The film was able to bring up Asian culture and kept it action-packed in a very entertaining way. Although the movie was exciting, it was also very entertaining with the comedians and great acting. Overall, I would recommend Shang-Chi even if you are not into superhero movies.