Students have mixed reviews on DoorDash


DoorDash Logo, Fair Use

The DoorDash logo emphasizes speed and convenience, but promises nothing about a low price.

Sarah McGurl, Staff Writer

It is without a doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a rise in food delivery services. DoorDash is the most popular food delivery service in nearly every major city across the country. While some Benilde-St. Margaret’s students are enjoying the ability to have food delivered to their doorstep in a matter of minutes, others find it to be an unnecessary service. 

Senior Finn Murphy loves the simplicity and convenience that DoorDash provides. However, his mother, Director of Mission Ms. Lisa Lenhart-Murphy, couldn’t disagree more. “It is an unnecessary added expense. Finn is an able-bodied human being who is capable of doing it himself,” Ms. Lenhart-Murphy said. 

Murphy does not enjoy his DoorDash capabilities being restricted by his mother. “It kind of stinks because if I’m sitting at my house and get hungry then it’s more convenient to order my Chipotle than get in the car and pick it up,” Murphy said.  

Junior Tilly Wolfe shares some of the same feelings as Murphy. “Sometimes I’m too lazy to get up and go get my food. I have to pay for gas anyways, so I might as well pay the delivery fee. Also I have no chance of crashing, so it’s kind of a safety precaution,” Wolfe said. 

Another faculty member, science teacher Mr. John Porisch, is in the same boat as Ms. Lenhart Murphy when it comes to opinions on ordering from DoorDash. “I have never done it, and have not considered it, yet. I am probably too frugal to do it. I can get food anywhere; why would I pay someone double to get it for me?” Porisch said. 

This attitude towards DoorDash seems to be the more popular opinion among BSM students as well. In a survey sent out to grades 9-12, 53% said DoorDash is not worth ordering from, while 47% said it is. 

Freshman Gus Roland notes the inconvenience of not having a credit card as well as the high cost of delivery. “I don’t order from DoorDash because it is expensive, and I dont think it’s worth it. I also don’t have a credit card which makes it hard,” Roland said. Roland is not alone in his opinion; 48% of students said they never order from DoorDash, which is quite high compared to the 10% of students that said they order at least once a week. 

While some people feel that DoorDash is never worth the price, others calculate its worth by the distance of the restaruant. “Ordering from DoorDash is only worth it if the drive is over 10 minutes to get your food,” junior Mitchell Dokman said. 

While he knows it is not worth the price, junior Jake Runman does not deny the convenience of the service. “It is absolutely not worth the money, but it is satisfying to have piping hot Pancheros burritos at your doorstep in the click of a button,” Runman said.

Runman shares an interesting perspective on the concept of Doordash. “Doordash preys on the most stereotypical vice of the American people: laziness,” Runman said.