Olivia Rodrigo’s “deja vu” proves she has promise for stardom


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Olivia Rodrigo eats strawberry ice cream in her official music video for “deja vu.”

Claudia Scherer, Staff Writer

Heartbreak works wonders when it comes to writing new music, and Olivia Rodrigo’s “deja vu” serves as yet another testament that breakup songs just hit different. At the beginning of the month, Rodrigo blessed us with another single and solidified her place as an up-and-coming artist and not a heartbroken 17-year-old one hit wonder. The catchy melody and frequent change in beat keeps the song fresh, fun, and slightly addicting. “Deja vu” is an easy listen and, although it may not be relatable to everyone, it sure is fun to scream to in the car.

“Deja vu” follows up Rodrigo’s single at the beginning of the year “Driver’s License .” Like “Driver’s License,” her newest song takes on the similar, almost wistful–although slightly angrier–view of her failed relationship with former co-star, Joshua Bassett. Lines like “don’t act like we didn’t do that […] too”, and “everything is overused” deliver feelings of grief and jealousy; she spends much of the song singing about Bassett’s unoriginality in his new relationship. Beyond having a similar message, both “deja vu” and “Driver’s License” have choral aspects that build the emotion and anticipation throughout the song.  

Much of the beginning of the song is spent reminiscing about her time with Bassett, mentioning specific memories like driving to Malibu and strawberry ice cream. She accuses him of using their inside jokes and special memories in his new relationship, saying “I bet that she knows Billy Joel [because] you played her uptown girl” and bets he “even tells her he loves her in between the chorus and verse”–clearly hurt by his disregard for all the things she considered special.

Rodrigo’s newest drop may also have some ties to Taylor Swift–one of her idols. The high notes in the bridge of “deja vu” very closely resemble those in “Cruel Summer” by Swift. Although it may be a coincidence, Rodrigo’s budding connections with Swift shows just how successful her career has been thus far; Rodrigo and Swift’s relationship on and off social media could lead to many more opportunities for Rodrigo in the upcoming future.